How to Use Instagram Quick Replies in Your Direct Messages?

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Instagram’s ‘Quick Reply’ feature is available to the business accounts. With the help of this feature, the users can insert the formatted responses into the direct messages for avoiding typing a specific response over and over again. This feature thereby especially proves helpful for marketers and businesses. You can hire the services of another company to buy Instagram followers or to take responsibility for your account and give quick replies, messages, and comments on your behalf.

Why You Must Use the Quick Reply feature of Instagram in Your Direct Messages?

For some particular questions that directly crop up through the topics or direct messages of Instagram, the ‘Quick Reply’ feature proves to be beneficial. Here are some situations where the quick reply feature can prove to be of immense help for your business.

When you entrust the task of giving replies to messages or comments from your account, it would be convenient to set up the ‘pre-formatted’ quick reply feature for answering common questions or topics for making sure the agency has the required information without requiring to verifying each of the responses with you.

When many people are managing a single ‘business account’, it could be difficult to maintain the consistency of the brand voice. Thus, by making use of the ‘quick reply’ feature, your team could remain consistent with their replies to customer queries and manage the brand voice while communicating with the audience.

Steps to Include the Quick Reply Feature of Instagram in the Direct Messages

Many of the users make use of the Instagram Stories where the only way to respond to it is through the ‘direct message’ feature of Instagram. According to a survey, over 150 million users make use of the ‘direct message’ feature for conversing with businesses. Here are ways to include the ‘quick reply’ feature in your direct messages.

Compose and Outline the FAQs for the Quick Reply Feature of Instagram

To begin with, the feature of quick replies you need to go through the previous threads of messages in the account for finding the frequently asked questions. You could either copy an existing answer or draft a response which would answer all topics or questions properly. Some of the common topics associated with your business would be the business hours, rates or prices, the tutorials on the products, the best way of ordering something or confirming the reservation.

If you decide to run a promotion or campaign that can generate many questions or comments through the direct messages, you must plan the ‘quick reply’ response ahead of the campaign and thereby have the responses loaded in the list to enable the team members to gain access to the list easily while the campaign is going on. Though the quick replies are basically standardized responses, ensure the tone and voice of the messages are in sync with the brand style. If an Instagram post is casual and fun with emojis, the ‘quick replies’ must have a similar feel. You should make sure the replies do not sound automated.

Creating the Quick Replies in Instagram

You can include the quick replies in the direct messages in three ways. In two methods you need to be in the ‘direct message’ chat thread along with one or more than one recipients. For creating a quick reply, you need to type a standard message and create the shortcut. This should be followed by tapping the checkmark for completing and saving the reply.

By following these steps inserting quick replies in the direct messages would be a fairly easy task. You can hire the services of a professional company to run your Instagram business account. They would buy Instagram followers for you as well as carry out the other tasks like handling the quick reply feature, liking, commenting, subscribing posts etc.