7 Apps to Raise Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level

Instagram Stories are quite the talk of the town since its very inception in 2016. With the ever-increasing number of users, it is a daunting task to make your presence felt with appealing and impressive stories. Using effective edits and filters to your content is a definite way to buy Instagram followers and take your Insta Stories to the next level.

8mm Vintage Camera

If you are a lover of the retro look and want to add the old world charm to your pictures and videos, this is the app for you. It has 70 different special effects to apply to your images, videos and video recording with live effects. It has a pocket pinch of $1.99 with additional in-app purchases which are optional.


This tool is apt for video editing but also helps to give an enhanced look to the photos. It gives you the advantage of adding borders to your pictures and videos to make them more appropriate with your Stories. Trimming of videos and size adjustments to fit the Instagram size are the other uses of the app. Though it is free to use the app, there are additional features which are available with purchase.


Here comes an app which puts all the focus on the text that you put over the photos or the videos. It offers a variety of fonts to choose from with creative animations to make your content unique and more appealing. With the overlaying of texts and gifs, your Instagram Stories are sure to rise to the next level. The app is free to use but has features which come with a subscription.

Life Lapse

This video editor app is of great use when you are creating Stories covering a time period or a video in a loop. It helps you create stop motion videos which can add value to your Stories. You can add songs to the Stories through the songs library which is in-built with the option of additional songs if you buy the PRO version of the app.


This is a very interesting app for the long Stories that you would like to present in small and short versions. Instagram allows Stories of a duration of 15 seconds. CutStory helps you to break down your video in appropriate lengths and sets them up in the correct order for you to post it with a continuous flow of events. As with most of the apps, the basic app is free for use but additional features come with a value for money deal.


Unfold helps you to create templates for your Instagram Stories establishing a brand image or a personal style of one’s own. It creates a cohesive on-brand content which connects with the followers in an instant giving you a distinct recognition. You can check the preview before posting to be sure of the presentation module. It has additional in-app features which you can buy to further raise the level of your Stories.

A Design Kit

With the more trending use of stickers, fonts, backgrounds, and designs, this app adds color, vibrancy, and texture to you Stories. The use of realistic brushes is the highlight of this app. It adds extra life to your images giving them an edge over the simple non-edited versions. This app also offers additional features which you can buy to make more impactful stories.

Create the best Stories with these amazing apps that can weave magic into your videos and photos. You are free to post the unedited versions of your pictures but a little enhancement did no harm to anyone ever. Try your hand at these apps to create a niche for yourself and buy Instagram followers in the process.

How to Build Instagram Followers for Your Business in 2019?

The social media sites are important platforms that the advertisers, publishers and the influencers use to remain in touch with the potential customers and followers. In the modern digital world, digital marketing proves to be an effective way of promoting one’s brand and products.

If you choose the popular social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram to market your brand, here are suggestions on how you can increase the Instagram followers. You can either buy Instagram followers or use these tips to increase your following.

Consistency is Essential While Posting Pictures

While posting pictures you must keep in mind the frames, colours or topics you choose. Visitors to your Instagram’s profile would check out your latest pictures and hence you should ensure your pictures are consistent. Consistency would give more credibility to your profile making it alluring and attractive to the potential followers.

Make Use of Hashtags and Trends Effectively

While posting images ensure you use the hashtags effectively for engaging with the audience and thereby gaining new followers. You must be careful while choosing the hashtags. Make sure to choose those that are relevant to the topic of your post. You could try tagging your photographs with the trending hashtags.

This could fetch you new visitors but always remember to choose the proper hashtags with your post as that would convert the visitors into your followers. You could prepare your content for all the trending topics well in advance and then post it with the suitable hashtags at the right time. Remember to avoid the banned hashtags.

Update on a Regular Basis and Be Consistent

The more regular you are in updating the Instagram feed, the greater number of followers you can gain. According to a survey, the users who post regularly at least every week would gain more followers and likes compared to those who post infrequently. The key to gaining more followers on Instagram is to increase your posting frequency. You could consider posting daily once or more than that.

Consider the Time of Posting

Before posting it is a good idea to check out the time when your followers are most active. You could find this information inside the Instagram app. You could tap the ‘Instagram Insights’ icon and then scroll down to the ‘followers’ and tap to ‘see more’. You would get information about the time when your followers are active. During that time you could serve fresh content to them. You could make use of the third-party tools such as Iconosquare for accessing that information. Based on that you could post your update.

You could consider to buy Instagram followers to increase your following. Apart from purchasing, the above-mentioned tips can help you to boost your Instagram followers appreciably.